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American Rambler with Colin Woodward

May 24, 2018

Cinephile Dana Buckler is the host of the How is this Movie? podcast, where he writes, edits, and narrates episodes exploring the history of many of the greatest and most beloved films of all time. As they discover, Colin and Dana have a lot in common, not just their love of movies and history, but the fact that they've lived a long time in the South, and that they miss the old days of the video store. Together, they take you through a tour of the last thirty years or so of the movie experience, from the rise and fall of VHS and DVDs, to the perils of attending the latest blockbuster. As Dana makes clear, being a film-goer is not always easy. It's part one of a two part movie talk!

In the introduction, Colin talks about the recent run of bad weather and the need for more concise and honest weather men.