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American Rambler with Colin Woodward

Feb 11, 2021

Movie detectives are as old as movies themselves. So what could a 2020 film add to the genre? Michael Scott, co-host of cinema podcast The Dana Buckler Show and his own film podcast Adkins Undisputed returns to American Rambler to discuss the recent crime noir/comedy/thriller The Kid Detective. It's a detective movie, but in addition to having a subtle comedic sense, it packs an emotional punch.

The Kid Detective stars Adam Brody (of TV's The O.C. and Smallville) as Abe Applebaum, an early-30s, down-on-his-luck private investigator who gets his biggest case in years involving the murder of a high schooler. His snooping and probing lands him in a number of compromising and dangerous situations, ultimately leading him into the dark and evil recesses of small town life. It sounds like a million other movies, but The Kid Detective manages to do something clever and new. 

This is the first feature directed by Canadian Evan Morgan, who also wrote the film. It co-stars Canadian actor Sophie Nelisse as Abe's sidekick Caroline and Peter MacNeill, another Canadian, as the principal.

The Kid Detective should make ten best lists for 2020 films. It would also be a great first movie on a kid detective double feature with the impressive and dark 2005 film Brick, which launched the directing career of Rian Johnson.

WARNING! THIS CONTAINS MANY SPOILERS. If you've seen the movie, though (and you should), enjoy this deep dive courtesy of Colin and Mike.

Music: "Abe's Theme," "School," and "Outro" from The Kid Detective soundtrack by Jay McCarroll.